Summary about the Bitcoin Superconference in Dallas Fort Worth (Feb 2018)

by Oliver Zehentleitner

The best of the Bitcoin Superconference in Dallas was the promotion for themselves.

It seems, the conference purpose was making as much money for the organizer as possible.

To pay 1000 USD for the private party to enjoy conversations and drinks with the headline speakers was wasted money: no Altucher, no Draper, no Hosp, no Schrem. Only people who wanted to sell there ICOs – paying 1000 USD for such an evening was not what I expected.

Then they invited us to a private dinner and suggested a membership in the Tribe Mastermind Group for 40k USD. This should have been a group of investors where you get informations very early from their “inner circle”.

Unfortunately they named sources for their inner circle who denied any relationship with the Tribe Mastermind. (for example: So it all ended up in a fiasko. Finaly Josh and Richard decided to cancel their offer offically.

There was also this Charlie Shrem story:

The schedule was partly a mess.

Now Jackob is selling video recordings as a special offer of 297 USD for attendees only…

My summery: It was shady, lurid and they did not deliver on their promises. Its not compareable to the spirit and the quality of a WBF.

At least its not good for Richard Jackobs reputation, I am not sure, if the money he made was worth it.

Good presentations / talks were from: Tim Draper, James Altucher, Ronnie Moas and Julian Hosp

Interessting projects i want to mention:

Polymath –
TravelBlock –
Algebraix Data –
Allpublicart –
Blockchain of things –
Presearch –

I think Polymath is the most interesting project for investors.

(This are no investment advices – allways do your own research!)

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