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Unicorn Data Analysis FZC

Unicorn Data Analysis was established in October 2017 with the mission to become one of the most innovative trading, investment and consulting firms for information technology, cyber security and tokenized industries. Utilizing the latest trends in data analysis and cutting edge technologies like VR and AR, Unicorn Data Analysis is constantly monitoring stock, commodity and crypto markets worldwide and is profiling the most attractive investment opportunities for itself and its customers.

Dubai was chosen as HQ for being a perfect hub and access point to many of the world’s most vibrant markets in the Americas, Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, India, South East Asia, China and Australasia and Africa.

Collecting, analyzing and finding the crucial information in a sea of “landfill” data, hearing the right message in a universe of background noise is what makes the difference in this fast moving society with ever increasing volumes of data being created at any given moment.

“Leading The Way” into a new area of information technology – This is the Mission Statement of Unicorn Data Analysis.

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